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Get lost in the beauty of the Catalina wallpaper collection. This island paraside collection is bursting with color. Vibrant blue wallpaper, pink wallpaper, floral wallpaper, and geometric wallpaper get a new look with artistic watercolor techniques.
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Arboretum Aqua Fern

This blue wallpaper has the beach calling your name. The fern print contains all the colors of a tropical sea. Flecks of white create a sparkling effect like sunlight streaming through the surface of the water.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Arboretum Fog Leaves

This leaf wallpaper is simply enchanting. A distressed print adds a sparkling brilliance to each leaf, like gazing into the night sky on a secluded beach alcove. The flowing pattern creates stunning movement within the design.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Arboretum Green Leaves

This flowing leaf print wallpaper is full of dimension. Vibrant shades of green are accented by a distressed overlay that gives the look of sparkles catching the light.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Arboretum Honey Leaves

This leaf print wallpaper is the perfect combination of land and sea. The ferns flow like underwater botanicals while the honey and grey color palette is reminiscent of a sandy beach.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Arboretum Pink Fern

This fern wallpaper has all the colors of a vibrant sunset. Hot pink, tangerine, and yellow are warm and inviting, making it feel like summer all the time.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Aurora Blue Geometric Wave

This 1960's inspired wave print wallpaper is made over into a modern show stopper. The simple design is taken to the next level with an intersecting color palette of greys, blues, and greens. From moss to verdigris to cobalt, this design covers the spectrum.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Aurora Green Geometric Wave

The sea meets the sky in this wave wallpaper. Serene shades of sea green and avocado are contrasted with rich oranges, yellows, and turquoise.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Aurora Pink Geometric Wave

Shades of pink from rose to bubblegum mix with neutral taupes and hints of lavender for a modern approach to color. The wave pattern in this geometric wallpaper creates an abundance of movement across the wall, undulating in and out of splashes of color.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Aurora Yellow Geometric Wave

Modern with a nod to the past. This retro wave wallpaper combines the bold style of the 1960's with a modern approach to color and design. The split print mixes serene shades of grey and green with bright pops of honey hued yellows.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Avalon Aqua Weave

A weave of watercolor paint lines move across this blue wallpaper. Hints of a yellow toned green and light grey create the contrast in the piece. This artistic design is bright and lively.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Avalon Green Weave

This green wallpaper takes the beauty of a watercolor painting and mixes it with the intricacies of a woven tweed fabric. The two designs merge to create a modern wallpaper. Shades of green, grey, white, and hints of blue create a dimensional appearance.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Avalon Honey Weave

With the intricacy of a woven tweed fabric and the artistry of a watercolor painting, this yellow wallpaper stands apart from the rest. A golden honey hue is a bright contrast to the subdued grey background.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Avalon Pink Weave

Add a sophisticated flair to your room with this chic pink wallpaper. The basket weave design is done in a unique painted effect, made to look like original art. Splashes of yellow brighten up the design.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Banning Stripe Aqua Geometric

Aqua and light green are the perfect match in this geometric stripe wallpaper. The watercolor design comes to life in a wave pattern that is full of movement.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Banning Stripe Green Geometric

Flowing ribbons of color dance across this stripe wallpaper. The design features nuanced tones of grey and green for a chic, modern look.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Banning Stripe Honey Geometric

This subtle stripe wallpaper combines the beauty of a trellis pattern with the simplicity of a stripe for a modern look. Warm honey and cool grey make for a muted color palette of unexpected neutrals.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Banning Stripe Pink Geometric

Pink and brown are a classic color combination, but you haven't seen them like this before. Ribbons of color lace together creating a crisp geometric design that is accented by a watercolor effect.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Bloom Blue Floral

This floral wallpaper is a modern whimsy. Bold flowers smile down from their stems while energetic leaves wave in the wind. A watercolor effect gives this design an artistic flair in shades of navy, cerulean, lavender, lime, and red.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Bloom Green Floral

This large scale floral wallpaper is a show stopper. The lime green background works in tandem with the grey toned aqua flowers. The watercolor technique gives this design a hand painted look.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Bloom Grey Floral

A new take on floral wallpaper. This bold design has a chic grey background that works beautifully with the colorful flowers. Blooms in shades of dusty blue, navy, and chartreuse are done in a watercolor effect that gives the look of a hand painted mural.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Bloom Pink Floral

Create a stunning painted wall mural effect with this floral wallpaper. Bright shades of pink, purple, and green sink into the warm grey background. A watercolor effect gives this design its artistic flair.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Bloom Plum Floral

Bright purple creates a stunning backdrop in this large scale floral wallpaper. A watercolor effect gives the look of a hand painted mural with vibrant shades of teal, green, gold, and purple.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Catalina Trail Aqua Vine

Aqua and light green are as bright and joyful as a spring morning. A watercolor effect gives this vine print wallpaper a hand painted look.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

Catalina Trail Green Vine

Like the enchanting vines of a hidden garden, this scrolling leaf wallpaper has a mysterious elegance. The green shades come to the forefront while the shadowy greys seep into the background, enhanced by a watercolor effect.
$2.48/Sq Ft.

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