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An Interview with Zio & Sons Founder Anthony D'Argenzio

An Interview with Zio & Sons Founder Anthony D'Argenzio

Anthony D’Argenzio, founder and creative director of bespoke design studio Zio & Sons and boutique hospitality and online platform This Old Hudson, has taken the design community by storm. His signature modern-meets-vintage style is slowly transforming the Hudson Valley and beyond with a masterful blend of old-world wonder and contemporary comfort.

While developing his debut wallpaper collection, Zio & Sons x A-Street Prints, Anthony was kind enough to sit down with A-Street and share more about his journey in design:

When did you first fall in love with design? Did you plan on making a career out of your passion, or did you find yourself here over time?

I fell in love with old homes, design and antiques before the age of ten. Growing up with a mother who loved to decorate and a father who was a cabinet maker, it was fairly inevitable that I would grow to love aspects of both their passions.

As for a career in interior design, it happened naturally. After growing up in California and going to college in Arizona, I knew I wanted to move to NYC. I’m an old soul at heart, and the history of the east coast always appealed to me.

I started Zio & Sons as a prop styling and set design company; over time, this morphed into creative direction for sets and later interior design and home renovations. It was renovating my own properties that really solidified my vision and all-around passion for design.

How would you describe your style?

My style is largely old world inspired and very textural, with a touch of contemporary flair for comfort. I tend to gravitate toward rich textures, honest materials and earthy neutral colors. The collection is a blend of a few of my favorite building materials and vintage inspired motifs. Using our Artisan Plasters, Beadboard and Brick is a great way to get the look of authentic building materials in your home.

Do you have different goals when designing a space versus designing an individual item, like a textile or accent piece?

Absolutely. Design is really about solving a problem in a creative way. My goal is to create something visually stimulating and unique, while also offering space and comfort. I always draw inspiration from my European travels and from what I see as timeless rather than trending style. For individual items, I think about things I’d like to see in my own home or at my properties, regardless of whether that product currently exists or not.

Do you tend to attract clients who have similar tastes to you or do you like the challenge of adapting to your clients’ tastes while bringing your personal touch to a project?

I work with a wide range of clients who have different goals and features they want to highlight in their spaces. I keep their vision in mind while also pushing the boundaries to create compelling spaces, functional livability and timeless design narratives.

As the visionary for a space, what’s most important to you when sourcing accents or materials from other design resources? What do you look for?

I tend to let the home and location guide my initial creative process. There are many different factors to consider, but the age of the home and architectural style is very important. Then come the client’s goals, taste, budget and tasks at hand. The best results happen when we hit the perfect balance for all.

How did you first come across A-Street Prints?

I first discovered A-Street’s product a few years ago while doing some online research for a client. I was drawn to the brand's unique designs that were both classic and modern

Why do you feel this partnership is a good fit for your personal design philosophy?

This collection is the perfect combination of my love for texture, natural shades and timeless patterns. My goal was to create a line that evokes a feeling of elevated craftsmanship and old-world sophistication, and A-Street has understood the balance of contemporary and classic I was looking to achieve.

I’m particularly excited about the Artisan Plasters designs. The visual texture and calming neutral tones add charm and complexity to any room. And the This Old Hudson Damask designs were inspired by my discovery of circa 1900 vintage wallpaper while renovating This Old Hudson Maison — I knew that I wanted to create an antique-inspired style for this collection.

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