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Coastal Grandmother – A New Name for Timeless & Elegant Coastal Design

Coastal Grandmother – A New Name for Timeless & Elegant Coastal Design

You’ve heard of grandmillennial. But have you heard of coastal grandmother?

If you’re keyed into the latest design trends – or have been anywhere on TikTok and Instagram lately – there’s a good chance you’ve heard the phrase floating around. Coined by Lex Nicoleta, coastal grandmother describes the breezy fashion, interior design, and lifestyle depicted in your favorite Nancy Meyers movie.

For the non-movie buffs among us, here’s another way to describe it: coastal grandmother is a lifestyle and aesthetic that is both laid back and luxurious. It embodies a sense of sea-side coziness and warmth while still being utterly polished and camera-ready.

A minimal and refined take on coastal design, a coastal grandmother prefers breezy neutrals, simple embellishments, and soft washes of color. And she is never remiss in paying attention to life’s simple pleasures and indulgences.


Wondering what this looks like? Look no further than Renee Cusano’s breath-taking sitting room!

Elegant coastal grandmother sitting room with timeless furniture pieces brightened with pops of green and soft blue
Design and Photography by Renee Cusano

Bright, breezy, and utterly welcoming, Renee’s sitting room is quintessential coastal grandmother! The room’s plush white couches and chairs are perfectly arranged for long life-chats over a bottle white wine. A light blue faux grasscloth wallpaper wraps the room in soft color and subtle dimension, while pops of rich green and blue throughout add extra depth to the space.

These pops of color aren’t the only modern coastal design accents Renee’s added in! You’ll also find blue and white ginger jars, chic floral prints, and even a hint of animal print throughout the space. Plus, in true coastal grandmother fashion, Renee has beautified the room with both fresh-cut flowers and potted plants.

A close-up look at Renee's gorgeous coastal space and our Lilt Blue Faux Grasscloth wallpaper
Design and Photography by Renee Cusano

For a dose of color that’s more grounded, draw your inspiration from this gorgeous master bedroom by interior designer Elle of Décorelle. With a chic blend of classic and contemporary, this space will appeal to the modern coastal grandmother.

At the heart of this design lies the canopy bed. The sleek black frame is softened by the white and beige bedding, gauzy white curtains, and the cool, brown textural wallpaper backdrop. Modern black and white artwork above the headboard emphasizes its contemporary feel, while the golden chandelier with white lamp shades and a vase of golden pampas grass adds timeless style and warmth to the space.

A modern take on coastal grandmother that still retains timeless appeal
Design and Photography by Elle of interior design firm Décorelle


Classic Coastal Design Inspiration

Prefer the classic look of nearly all-white interiors? Then this earthy and chic bedroom by interior designer Dana Enderby might be more to your taste!

Down to earth and utterly serene, this bedroom is a coastal styled space that will instantly recharge you
Design and Photography by Dana Enderby of Dana Rose Design

Dana elevates the timeless appeal of all-white interiors by grounding the space with a creamy, textured wallpaper. Floor-length white curtains and a white linen headboard add layers of plush and airy luxury to the room. But the true showpiece is the spectacular wood slice over the bed. This gorgeous natural artwork brings the wow-factor and ties perfectly with the bed's lush caramel throw. Pops of blue and green from the pillows add just the right splash of color, while simultaneously keeping the focus on the bed in all its glory.

The inclusion of this platinum wave wallpaper adds a playful yet elegant touch to this bedroom
Design by Christa O'Leary of Home in Harmony Designs; Photography by Blu Lemonade Photography

For even more modern coastal grandmother flair, marry classic white interiors with a polished and playful pattern! This luxurious bedroom by interior designer Christa O’Leary seamlessly blends coastal design sophistication with a touch of whimsy, thanks to a chic wave wallpaper. Paired with plush white and grey bedding, dreamy floor-length curtains, and a glamorous crystal chandelier, this bedroom will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day.



Despite its name, the coastal grandmother lifestyle – both fashion and interior design – is not reserved for affluent women living seaside. In fact, the beauty of coastal grandmother is that it can be adopted by anyone – regardless of age, living space, and budget. The trick? Build a solid design foundation, slowly layer in textures, and always save room for a little every-day decadence, like a vase of fresh flowers or a fresh-brewed cup of coffee in your favorite mug.



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