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Dopamine Decor: Designing Happy Homes

Dopamine Decor: Designing Happy Homes

Dopamine decor, beyond being a great alliteration, is a straightforward design concept. It is choosing items for your home simply because they spark joy.

This philosophy has one singular rule: do you LOVE it? If you walked away from it, would you immediately regret it? If the answer is yes, then it belongs in your home!


Justina of @justinamariehome uses thrifted treasures to bring her home to life. Blue is a common theme and core love for Justina, and her unique finds are offset by the timeless florals of our Peony Tree Aqua wallpaper!


The design-minded may be wondering, ‘What if this new love clashes with what I already have?’ While it’s a fair question, our rebuttal is – does it really matter?

Modern interior design has shifted away from uniform, picture-perfect decor. The emphasis now is on creating personalized and welcoming spaces, which has resulted in more eclectic, mix-and-match stylings.


Wallpaper can create a cohesive foundation for even the most eclectic mix of decor. In this space by Kate of @speakingofdiy, our Nara Indigo Toile wallpaper unifies each of her accessories while still allowing for individual piece to shine.


Embracing dopamine decor also leads to increased creativity! Finding balance and cohesion between different style influences and material types requires us to apply design principles in new and exciting ways. The results are often unexpected, but always invigorating!


There are many design principles and strategies to help create balance between seemingly unlike items. For a quick refresher, this article is a good place to start!
Photo Credit: Jenni Deeble of @houseonbrayton | Featuring Celestine Green Floral wallpaper


Another fortuitous benefit of dopamine decor is its emphasis on mindfulness and conscious consumption. Shifting the standard from ‘good enough’ to ‘this is meant for me’ leads to fewer impulse purchases. So when that once-in-a-lifetime find pops up, you can commit to it without hesitation.

Buying less allows us to buy higher quality. The upfront cost may be more, but these pieces outlive their spontaneous counterparts by years, if not decades. And the joy they bring is priceless.



Are you committing joy-inducing interiors? Share your favorite finds below and be sure to visit A-Street Prints on Instagram for the latest design inspiration!

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