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Elevate Your Home by Adding Visual Texture to Your Interior Design

Elevate Your Home by Adding Visual Texture to Your Interior Design

Creating a cozy home takes time. Even when you have all the necessary fixtures and furnishings to make your home functional, it might feel like it’s missing something. That something is the sense of warmth and comfort interior design rich in visual texture brings.

What is visual texture? In interior design, it is the layering of different materials and finishes to create a space filled with dimension and design interest. It is combining different patterns (varying in both design and scale), colors, textiles, and shapes to create a room with a well-rounded look and feel.

Finding just the right components to create this layered look takes time and shouldn’t be rushed. However, you can make an immediate impact to your space that’s easy to build upon over time by installing textural wallpaper. Here’s some of our favorite types of textural wallpapers and how they’ll transform your home:


Showstopping Visual Interest with Grasscloth Wallpaper

If you’re familiar with wallpaper, it’s likely that grasscloth is the first thing you think of when you hear ‘textural wallpaper’ – and for good reason! Grasscloth wallpaper is the gold standard in luxurious and dimensional design. Composed of natural fibers, grasscloths are some of the finest and most sophisticated options for bringing visual texture to your walls.

This elegant French farmhouse dining room enjoyed a serious upgrade with our Changzou Beige Grasscloth wallpaper. The golden beige design, rich with texture and soft color variation, pulls out the corresponding hues in the chair upholstery while softly highlighting the white and brass fixtures throughout. By adding this warm patina to the walls, all the other elements of this interior design shine brighter.
Design and Photography: Pamela Dyer of @homeonfernhill


However, being made from natural fibers, grasscloth wallpapers can be delicate. Luckily, faux grasscloth designs bring all the elegance, but with greater durability and easier maintenance for busy households!

This chic, grandmillennial sitting room features all the hallmarks of the comforting and personality-packed style: chintz, chinoiserie ceramics, animal print and plenty of pleats! Encompassing and elevating all these accents is our Lilt Blue Faux Grasscloth wallpaper adding soft texture and color to the entire space.
Design and Photography: Renee of @reneecusano


Abstract and Architectural Textural Touches

Another great way to add visual texture with wallpaper is to choose an architectural design. By this we mean a wallpaper that mimics the look – and sometimes feel – of authentic building materials like brick, wood, and plaster. These materials bring rich dimension to a space but can be costly to add to your home if not already IN your home. Fortunately, wallpaper offers a convenient and cost-effective solution to incorporating its timeless charm!

Take this Artisan Plaster wallpaper from our Zio and Sons collection. Crafted to emulate the textural elegance of Venetian plaster, this wallpaper adds decadent dimension to any space. While classic aged white is our most popular option, the design comes in five colors including a delicate blush and chic, cool grey.

As versatile as it is beautiful, our Artisan Plaster Aged White Texture wallpaper is a great addition to any room! Just look how it adds richness and depth to Heena’s kitchen, Cait’s modern office nook, and Paige’s butler’s pantry.
Image 1: Design & Photography by Heena Gardner of @homebyheena
Image 2: Design and Photography by Cait Pappas of @nest.out.west
Image 3: Design and Photography by Paige Kontrafouris @paigekontrafouris


Some textural wallpapers offer a more abstract take on classic building materials – allowing you to enjoy both timeless dimension and more modern styling. This powder room by interior designer Sarina Galu is a perfect example of this happy marriage! Our Sandhurst Light Grey Abstract Stripe wallpaper offers the textural look of wood planks, but with a painterly finish that softer and more stylish. Paired with a sleek vanity and warm gold fixtures, it’s a space filled with contemporary elegance that will stand the test of time.

Design and Photography by Sarina Galu of @designpropsinteriors
Featuring Sandhurst Light Grey Abstact Stripe wallpaper


Patterns that add Serious Dimension

Textural wallpapers aren’t the only way to bring visual texture to your home; simple and small-scale patterns can also serve as a compelling, textural interior design element!

When breathing new life into her home library, blogger Kate Arends didn’t want wallpaper to compete with everything else destined for the space. She chose our Giverny Blue Miniature Floral wallpaper to wrap not only the walls, but also the ceiling! The clusters of petite white, yellow, and blue flowers read as a textural print from afar while adding a delightfully whimsical feeling to this dreamy space!

Design and Photography by Kate Arends of @witanddelight_
Featuring Giverny Blue Miniature Floral wallpaper


While a larger scale design than Giverny, the mesmerizing and maze-like linework of our Merritt Black Geometric wallpaper certainly adds visual texture to this stunning powder room by Claudia Meixner. The free-form lines wind through concentric patterns that create a dimensional look that's borderline optical illusion. It adds the perfect amount of motion and visual interest to the bathroom’s sleek, modern fixtures and rich, earthy tones.

Design and Photography by Claudia Meixner of @claudiameixnerinteriors
Featuring Merritt Black Geometric wallpaper



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