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Interior Design Inspired by Nature

Interior Design Inspired by Nature

Our environment has tremendous impact on our well-being. In the last few years, we’ve rediscovered the astronomical benefits of bringing nature into our homes.

Incorporating houseplants is a common and intuitive first step; living greenery, however, is only the start. Create atmospheric interiors infused with nature’s revitalizing power using these key interior design elements:

Soft Color and Simple Pattern

You don’t necessarily need botanical accents to evoke the great outdoors! A clever combination of color and pattern can recreate the feel of a particular landscape.

Interior designer Gina Drago’s dreamy bedroom design a perfect example of this! The inspiration? A gorgeous sunrise at the beach. The result? An utterly restful yet rejuvenating space that will help start your morning on the right foot!

It's easy to see the parallels between the gorgeous, beachside sunrise and the master bedroom it inspired! Gina perfectly translates the mood and key elements of the coastal morning into this stunning retreat.


We love how all the elements of a beachside sunrise are represented in Gina’s design: the blue of the waters, the pastel pinks and oranges of the sky, and the warm browns of the sandy beach. All that’s missing is the sound of the waves lapping against the shore!

Design and Photography courtesy of Gina Drago Design | Featuring Agave Blue Faux Grasscloth


While seaside-inspired spaces are the easiest to visualize – especially with the rise of coastal grandmother bringing breezy beachside living to the forefront – this pared-down approach to scenic spaces can be applied to any landscape you admire:

  • A sunny springtime meadow can be recreated with washes of soft greens accented by pops of pastel hues and florals.
  • The sunbaked warmth of a canyon desert, distilled through terracotta hues, gauzy drapery, and southwestern patterns and textiles.
  • The stoic calm of the mountainside replicated with layers of smokey greys and lots of textural accents.

Speaking of texture, that leads us to our next interior design element…

Tactile & Textural Touches

The natural world is filled with texture. Incorporating texture into your home not only connects it to nature, but also makes it much cozier!

Stone and wood accents offer a direct tie to the natural world. Better yet, they’re available in a wide array of colors and finishes, making it simple to find the perfect complement for your home.

Design and Photography courtesy of Heena Gardner | Featuring Artisan Plaster Aged White Texture wallpaperDesign and Photography courtesy of Jade Bennett | Featuring Hui Denim Paper Weave wallpaper

Woven textiles, from high-end grasscloths (or more affordable and family-friendly faux grasscloths) to woolen tapestries and cotton throws, also bring depth and natural ambiance to your spaces. 

However, your accents don’t have to be made of natural materials to add organic flair! Natural landscapes are layered with many different shapes, textures, and colors; simply incorporating a variety of materials and patterns – especially ones that vary in size or scale – brings your indoor environment closer to nature’s blueprint.


Organic Forms

Mother Nature utilizes very few – if any! – straight lines. Embracing design elements with curved or asymmetric forms adds an organic feel to your spaces.

Curved furniture is currently having a moment, and there are lots of ways to try it in your home. If big ticket items like couches aren’t in the budget, opt for smaller accent pieces like end tables, lamps (or lampshades), mirrors, or artwork.

Wallpaper is another excellent way of adding curving, organic forms to your home. Simple options – like our Kasia or Tania designs – add compelling visual interest without overwhelming your space. Better yet, these airy, flowing patterns offer wonderful styling flexibility and design longevity to your interiors.

With its clusters of curving arches, our Kasia wallpaper is reminiscent of an abstracted, hilly landscape or flock of birds - whichever flight of fancy you prefer! Tania's more serene, woven design adds a sense of peace while bringing evergreen texture and dimension to your home.


Let the Light In

Ask anyone who’s been impacted by seasonal affective disorder (acronym SAD incredibly on point): natural sunlight is a major game-changer. However, the time of year – or simply the layout of your home – may limit the amount of sunlight your space receives.

Fortunately, there are ways to recreate the health benefits of natural light in darker spaces. Mirrors can help maximize and reflect any natural sunlight your room does get. Metallic accents, and even glossy-finish paints, can also help extend sunlight throughout your space. Be sure to choose light-colored paints, paired with warm-toned wallpapers, to add extra brightness to your home!

For spaces that don’t receive much sunlight, bring in supplemental sources! Ambient lighting – lighting that adds a soft glow to a room – is great for replicating natural light. For optimal relaxation, choose warm yellow or orange-toned light. Some smart lighting allows you to change up the colors, providing a seamless transition from day to night vibes!

Design and Photography courtesy of designer Leslie Davis of Deeply Southern Home | Featuring Leith Black Zen Waves wallpaper


Creating a home imbued with the beauty and health benefits of nature goes much further than houseplants! For the most immersive experience, use all the tools in the interior design arsenal to dream up a space Mother Nature would approve of.


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