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Our 12 Favorite Bathroom Designs Featuring Wallpaper

Our 12 Favorite Bathroom Designs Featuring Wallpaper

Bathrooms and wallpaper are one of the most perfect pairings in interior design. As one of the more self-contained areas of your home, bathrooms are the ideal ‘safe space’ for playing with wallpaper – either for the first time or with bold, out-of-your-comfort-zone style.

To spark your own bathroom wallpaper design experimentation, we’ve rounded up twelve of our favorite wallpapered water closets! From subtle sophistication to bold and joyous, there spaces are guaranteed to kickstart your own bathroom design schemes!

Blue Bathroom Beauties

Blue bathrooms are by far a favorite among homeowners – and for good reason! As one of the most universally loved interior colors, blue wallpaper feels approachable while still packing a big design punch. But don’t just take our word for it, check out these amazing blue bathroom wallpaper designs!

Interior designer Julie Evans-Reinecke transformed a builder-grade powder room into a space dripping with luxury with a little paint and wallpaper! To start, bland beige walls received a coat of rich silken blue. She then wrapped all but the vanity wall in a sumptuous sapphire geometric wallpaper with a gorgeous pearlescent finish and velvety flock detailing. To complement the glamorous wallpaper, Julie brought in a show-stopping vanity, the rich navy-blue cabinets accented with gold hardware and topped with a grey-veined marble countertop.

Design and Photography by Julie Reinecke Designs
Featuring Helios Blue Geometric Wallpaper

Toile is experiencing a resurgence, and we couldn’t be more excited! Our Joy De Vie Blue Toile wallpaper is a perfect marriage of timeless design – elevated by modern touches – and a classic blue and white palette. It’s a spectacular bathroom design option, as Courtney Wafzig proves with this stunning space! The entire room is wrapped in wallpaper, accented with chic rattan and bamboo fixtures and a sleek blue and white vanity for a chic take on a classic.

Design and Photography by Courtney Wafzig
Featuring Joy De Vie Blue Toile Wallpaper

Another great pairing? Blue hues and bold design, as showcased by this breath-taking bathroom by interior designer Diane Rath. Wrapped in a large-scale and painterly botanical wallpaper, the space is bursting with whimsy and color. The navy-blue backdrop, however, both grounds and highlights the bright colors and artistic woodland design.

Design by Diane Rath of The Rath Project
Photography by Erin Kestenbaum
Featuring Shiloh Navy Botanical Wallpaper

The styling for the rest of the space continues with playful versions of bathroom staples: the tile flooring is decorated with blue lines that form compelling geometric patterns. The vanity cabinets are painted a matching rich blue, accented by modern gold drawer pulls. And to polish it off, the double vanity features two hexagon mirrors with thin, black frames.

Another great option for blue bathroom design is to pair blue paint with a neutral wallpaper, like Alyce Lopez did! The navy beadboard half-wall is a gorgeous infusion of rich color, softened by the watercolor grey botanical wallpaper above. Add in some sleek, modern fixtures and you’ve got a design that can’t be beat!

 Design and Photography by interior designer Alyce Lopez
Featuring Gossamer Grey Botanical Wallpaper

Subtle & Sophisticated Bathroom Design

While we encourage those looking to experiment with bold looks to do so with their bathroom design, the truth is that even more subtle wallpapers will utterly transform your space. The bathrooms below are a great blueprint for adding polish to your bathroom with simple yet sophisticated wallpapers:

When designing this charming en-suite bathroom for her tiny client, Janie Micek chose to highlight the vanity with an abstract brushstroke wallpaper backdrop. The simple black dashes complement the black-framed mirror, gold and concrete sconces, and graphic artwork. By keeping the emphasis on the vanity and sink, the entire space feels balanced, warm, and welcoming!

Design by Janie Micek of Studio 818
Photography by Laiacona Photography & Design

Featuring Runes Charcoal Brushstroke Wallpaper

Art Deco design has experienced a modern resurgence in recent years, and the glamorous look makes for excellent bathroom styling. Just take a peek at this sophisticated powder room interior designer Beth Reed, founder of Design Actually interior design studio, dreamed up!

Design by Beth Reed, founder of Design Actually
Photography by SBW Photography
Featuring Voltaire Off-White Beaded Geometric Wallpaper

Keeping the color palette largely light and bright, Beth played with multiple luxurious textural accents. From the marble mosaic flooring to the beaded geometric wallpaper, she brings drama and depth to the space while retaining a clean white base. To amp up the decadence, she paired two stunning black and gold fringe pendants with a sleek and modern round gold mirror and marble-topped navy vanity with chic lucite hardware. A perfect marriage of modern luxury and flapper-era flair!

For a soothing and sophisticated bathroom retreat, look for an elegant neutral wallpaper. Interior designer chose our Nambiti Light Grey Geometric wallpaper for this earthen and modern powder room. The chic, tribal-inspired design gives the spaces its earthy vibes, while the soft contrast between white and light grey brings subtle dimension to the space. A graphic art print and contemporary fixtures completes the look of this refined bathroom design.

Design by Amanda Shields Interiors
Photography by Kiely Ramos
Featuring Nambiti Light Grey Geometric Wallpaper

Simple and sophisticated bathroom design, however, doesn’t have to mean an absence of color! While color palettes may be smaller and more refined, you are not limited to white and neutral hues. This petite powder room by Maria East is case and point. The sweet yet refined green floral trail wallpaper she chose imbues her small space with elevated farmhouse charm; the embellished gold mirror with stunning rosettes along the arch adds to this sense of polished comfort.

Design and Photography by Maria East
Featuring Jessamine Green Floral Trail Wallpaper

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an expansion of neutral to include some more pigmented hues. The most widely embraced new neutral so far has been the gorgeous shade of delicate sage used in this bathroom. Interior designs Veronica Deats and Lynsey Purl showcase the hue two ways: with an elegant botanical wallpaper and gorgeous vanity with stunning gold contemporary hardware. The understated and elegant touches continue throughout the space with bamboo blinds, white penny tile flooring, classic white marble countertops, and a blend of gold and black fixtures.

Design and Photography by Max and Lou Home
Featuring Laurel Sage Botanical Wallpaper

Spectacularly Bold Bathroom Design

Ready to kick your design comfort zone to the curb? Like we said earlier, bathrooms were made for experimenting with bold design, and these stunning spaces will inspire you to step into a world bursting with joyful color and pattern:

First up we have the whimsical springtime stylings of Angie Scheer. Angie long ago embraced the joys of colorful design and eclectic accents, and she brought all her honed expertise to this space! First, she chose a bathroom wallpaper that complimented her gorgeous stained-glass windows. Filled with whimsical illustrations of flowers, birds and bunnies, this wallpaper gave her plenty of color options for accenting the rest of her space. She chose to ground the space with a green wainscoting half-wall with pops of soft pink and blue throughout to lighten the space. The overall effect is balanced, playful and oh so stylish!

Design and Photography by Angie Scheer
Featuring Whimsy Pink Fauna Wallpaper

Florals may be a common design motif, but these bold bouquets aren’t your run-of-the-mill flowers! This gorgeous blend of large-scale poppies and tulips in shades of sienna, blue, and white are richly offset by its lush greenery and charcoal backdrop. To balance the dark hues and bring depth to her space, Julie Morrison Williams painted her bathroom’s wainscot paneling a warm sage. The hue matches the lightest green in the wallpaper and both grounds and brightens the entire space.

Design and Photography by Julie Morrison Williams
Featuring Anemone Multicolor Floral Wallpaper

Last but certainly not least, one of our all-time favorite bold bathroom designs: this dramatic and whimsical powder room by interior designer Kelly R. Collier-Clark. Wrapped walls to ceiling in our gorgeous grey crane design, the petite powder room bursts to life with the wallpaper’s painterly details and cranes’ flight. Finished with a stunning three-globe light fixture and polished console sink with brass frame and marble vanity, Kelly’s design proves that it’s not the size of the space you have, but the vision you have for it!

Design and Photography by interior designer Kelly R. Collier-Clark
Featuring Windsong Grey Crane Wallpaper

Ready to play around with bathroom wallpaper of your own? Don’t forget to tag A-Street Prints on Instagram during your design planning and final reveals so we can admire your transformation! If you need a little more inspiration before diving into a redesign, be sure to follow us Pinterest to explore our countless wallpaper options!

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