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Sistine Inspiration: 7 Stunning Ceiling Wallpaper Installations

Sistine Inspiration: 7 Stunning Ceiling Wallpaper Installations

Feel like you’ve hit a wall with your interior design? Instead of banging your head against said wall, we recommend shifting your focus upward.

That’s right – to your ceiling! Your ceiling is the ultimate blank canvas and offers some serious styling advantages. For one, your ceiling unifies your room; any update you make here immediately transforms your entire space.

At the same time, your ceiling typically sits outside your line of view. This provides an opportunity to play with bolder style without fear of being overwhelmed, or to add soft ambiance with subtle detailing.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to a statement ceiling! And to prove our point, we’re sharing seven designs featuring our absolute favorite ceiling wallpaper:

Dining Area Elegance

Sitting down and having a meal together is time we all cherish. Encourage people to linger by creating a beautiful dining area, like this space by designer Lenora DeMars.

Lenora accented the bright openness of the room with airy and abstract ceiling wallpaper. The looping blue brushstrokes bring both color and playful dimension to the space and compliments the gorgeous golden chandelier perfectly.

Design by Lenora DeMars @9tendesign
Featuring Willy Nilly Blue Brushstrokes Wallpaper

We love Lenora’s decision not only to wallpaper the ceiling, but to carry it down the room’s entryway walls. This frames the space and defines the dining room as its own unique area within the open floorplan – emphasizing it as the gathering place within the home.

Design by Shoshana Gosselin @loveyourroom
Featuring Honeycomb Navy Geometric Wallpaper

Ceiling wallpaper is also perfect for more traditional, formal dining areas - as interior designer Shoshana Gosselin proves with this stunning space. Ceiling molding above the dining table emphasizes it as the focal point, but wallpaper brings it a step further. Metallic detailing keeps your eyes on the table, while the navy geometric brings pattern to the rich color throughout the space. Overall, the design is classically inspired and infused with beautiful modern flair!

Embellished Lounging Area

The rooms you spend the most time in should feel the most welcoming! And when you prefer simpler styles, ceiling wallpaper is a great way to add detail and charm without overwhelming the rest of the space.

Take this modern farmhouse family room by designer Jamie Morgan. The walls are wrapped in white shiplap that amplifies the natural light, and the room is lovingly furnished in plush greys and whites. Subtle patterns in the soft furnishings liven up the space, but it is the soft grey geometric ceiling wallpaper that adds character and charm throughout.

Design by Jamie Morgan @blakeanddane
Featuring Zazen Grey Geometric Wallpaper

Upscale Utility Spaces

The work-horse spaces in your home, like your laundry room, deserve a little love too! However, the hassle of unhooking and moving heavy machines often deters people from making serious updates to this space. A statement ceiling is the perfect compromise between convenience and style.

Our favorite example of this style-convenience compromise is this laundry room by Meredith Lynn. The ornate floral wallpaper is a perfect marriage of artistic and modern, bringing welcome color to the white walls and natural accents. Our favorite part? The ceiling wallpaper extends out into the hallway, giving you a sneak peek into the design delights to come!

Design by Meredith Lynn @meredithlynndesigns
Featuring Anemone Multicolor Floral Wallpaper

Sophisticated Bedroom Ceiling

Infusing subtle pattern to your bedroom ceiling is a fabulous way to add interest while maintaining a soft and tranquil atmosphere. This elegant coastal design is simply adorned, but each feature pays the utmost attention to detail. Golden coral artwork adds a splash of rich color to the soft blue and grey palette, while the fabrics add delicate texture.

Design by Lenora DeMars @9tendesign
Featuring Ripple Grey Shibori Wallpaper

To add additional dimension to the space, designer Lenora DeMars chose a circular shibori print for the ceiling. The intricate detailing brings depth to the design and amplifies the shape and textural beauty of her show-stopping chandelier.

Wall-to-Ceiling Style

Full-room wallpaper – including ceiling wallpaper – is a fantastic way to bring that extra WOW factor to your space. This utterly breath-taking powder room by Kelly R. Collier is an excellent example of this.

Powder rooms are the perfect place for wallpaper to begin with, but Kelly stepped it up a notch with this glamorous design. The whimsical crane wallpaper is both elegant and full of energy, and wrapping the walls and ceiling with it gives this small space a true sense of majesty. High-end finishes, including golden accents, marble vanity and embellished ceiling medallion, completes the space’s sense of luxury.

Design by Kelly R. Collier @plot_twist_design
Featuring Windsong Grey Crane Wallpaper

Kate Arends sought an equally luxurious look when updating her home library, but she wanted her wallpaper to serve more as a textural element. She chose a floral design bursting with miniature blossoms that brings whimsical dimension to the room. The deep blue molding and stunning built-in bookcase pulls out the blues in the wallpaper, giving the entire space a jewel-like richness.

Design by Kate Arends @witanddelight_
Featuring Giverny Blue Miniature Floral Wallpaper

Having seen these gorgeous examples, are you now willing to try ceiling wallpaper in your home? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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