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The Accent Wall Reinvented

The Accent Wall Reinvented

*Article Feature Photography and Design courtesy of Caitlin Pappas | Featuring Artisan Plaster Aged White Texture wallpaper

Modern living requires a LOT from our homes. Dedicated WFH space, on-demand home gyms, and homework stations have all become must-haves – alongside everything else our homes already provide.

With limited square footage and ever-evolving needs, how do you balance - well, everything? Our recommendation: reconsider the accent wall.

A divisive subject within the design community, accent walls have long been either loved or hated. We’re here to argue its merits, especially in addressing modern floor plan needs.


For one, the accent wall is the perfect solution for reinventing dead spaces. Even the smallest nook can be transformed into a functional powerhouse with some thoughtful styling!

Photography and Installation courtesy of Katie's Wallpaper | Featuring Modern Lines Black on Dove Grey Wall Mural

This small but mighty home office is a great example of optimizing awkward spaces. The alcove offers just enough room for a sleek floating desk, computer set-up, and ergonomic chair.

Areas like this, however, can quickly become communal drop-zones - which is where the extra design attention comes into play! The modern geometric mural both grounds the space in its purpose and differentiates it from its surroundings. A visual cue like this is crucial for reinforcing the space’s functionality and safe guarding against encroaching clutter.


An excellent tool for creating distinction, accent walls are also perfect for anchoring open floor plans. A well-placed accent wall not only frames one living space, but also serves as a visual bridge between areas.

Photography and Design courtesy of Valerie Dhillon | Featuring Lars Navy Retro Wave wallpaper

Close up, this waving wallpaper accent wall is a chic backdrop for this sitting room’s entertainment center. Pulled out further, the wall transforms into an element of visual continuity between the living and dining areas.


In this open floor plan, color provides unity. Teal vases in the dining area speak to the blue wallpapered alcove and throw pillows of the living room, creating cohesion within the whole.

Photography and Design courtesy of Lewis Rose Design | Featuring Perspective Indigo Abstract Geometric wallpaper


If the recent fascination with wallpapered ceilings isn’t a reinvention of the accent wall, we don’t know what is! A statement ceiling embodies all the benefits of an accent wall while also providing fresh perspective.

Photography and Design courtesy of The Modern Cottage Interior Design | Featuring Landon Grey Abstract Geometric wallpaper

Plus, talk about bang for your buck: reinventing the singular surface of your ceiling instantly transforms your whole room – potentially your whole LEVEL. Now that’s ROI we can get behind!



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