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The Exuberance of Artist Glenyse Thompson

The Exuberance of Artist Glenyse Thompson

Artist Glenyse Thompson’s work is an exploration of the daily interactions many take for granted. Her vibrant works are visualizations of human connection, the colorful backgrounds representing people while the hand-drawn linework makes tangible the ebb and flow of conversation. Her work has been exhibited across the country and her work has been featured in publications like Elle Decoration UK, Designers Today, California Design and much more.

While developing her signature wall mural collection with A-Street Prints, Glenyse shared insights into how her love of art and design have begun to overlap as her career grows:

When did you first fall in love with design?

I was in my twenties when I first fell in love with design. I remember carefully selecting items for my first apartment that were artsy but functional – only later did I realize that is what design is all about!

My first major purchase was a lime green Kartell Mademoiselle chair. At the time, I didn’t know the background of the iconic brand; I just knew that the chair had to come home with me!

What first brought you professionally to the world of design? Did you plan on making a career out of your passion, or did you find yourself here over time?

I did not think I would ever make a career out of being creative; I had put my creative pursuits away in my early twenties. It was only over the last six years that the passion reignited. I found a lane, a style. This evolved into exhibiting, cultivating collectors and more asks for commissioned work. This path eventually forced me to think about how I wanted to evolve. Design is a natural extension of creating art.

My earliest business plans included designing wallpapers, fabrics, and made-to-order artwork for commercial applications. In 2019, a global beauty brand commissioned me for designs including bottle packaging, custom box packaging artwork, promotional materials, etc. The creative teams loved the art, but the campaign never went to market. However, that contract gave me the push to pursue design more fully.

Photo Credit:
Christina Jones @christinajonesphoto

How would you describe your style? Do you have a predominant style, or does your inspiration and artistic process at the time shape your work more than a dedication to a particular look?

In general, I’d describe my style as audacious, exuberant and vibrant. I do have two predominant art series, Conversations and Big Shoulders, which explore the human interactions we rarely stop to think about and how much value they actually have. We are nothing without each other.

What do you find most exciting about translating your work into a mural?

I’ve always envisioned my art in a mural format. To see it come to life has been an amazing experience!

Were there any challenges with scaling your pieces to this new size and medium?

No challenges at all. The A-Street Prints team was incredible in its handling of the enlarging process, medium selection and narrowing down the focus of my artwork.

What is the most exciting aspect about this collection and partnership with A-Street Prints? What are you hoping to achieve with this collaboration?

It’s been incredibly exciting to produce the collection in different colorways. It is also thrilling not knowing where our shared efforts may lead; partnerships are inspiring to me.

Ultimately, I want to illuminate business and personal spaces with vibrant abstract art. My goal is to inspire those who see my designs to listen more carefully to the people around them and find beauty in the simplicity of hearing others.

Photo Credit: Christina Jones @christinajonesphoto
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