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Design Inspiration Strikes with our Latest Style Side by Side

Design Inspiration Strikes with our Latest Style Side by Side

Design inspiration can be a fickle beast. Some days, the vision for your home drifts down from the heavens on a beam of ethereal light. Other days, you’re pulling your hair out and fighting the urge to scream because you can’t figure out how to bring your room to life. It’s even more infuriating when you’ve fallen in love with a design element but are stuck on taking it from inspiration to actualization.

Untangle your fingers from your hair, because we’ve got good news! Our Style Side-by-Side series will demonstrate the many ways the same design element can be used to achieve entirely different looks. This exposure will help your style repertoire grow, leading to less hair pulling and more beautiful, personalized living spaces.

In this installment, we’ll be looking at a wallpaper that runs the gamut of charmingly sweet to stunningly elegant, depending on how you style it.

Featured Design Element: Meadow Wallpaper

Modern and whimsical, Meadow is a versatile wallpaper perfect for both light-hearted looks and grown-up grandeur. Rabbits and deer bound across the forest floor, while squirrels and birds observe from above. The design’s simple styling keeps the print from feeling too busy, while the depth of scenic detail ensures it doesn’t read as juvenile.

The wallpaper’s simple use of color is another element that adds to its versatility. Inked in crisp white against one of five color options, Meadow offers a clean palette that you can layer with your personality.

With such a wide range, it might be difficult to pin down how you’d use this wallpaper as part of your interior design, and what tone you’d invoke with your styling. Luckily, we have three great applications that will get your creative juices flowing:

A Delightful Dining Room

As part of renovating a new home into the dream home, blogger and crafting aficionado Sallie Dale was searching for wallpaper when she fell in love with Meadow. An admirer of all things vintage and nature-inspired, Meadow in taupe made the perfect backdrop for creating the elegant but cozy formal dining space she craved.

Sallie Dale Meadow Dining Room 1Sallie Dale Meadow Dining Room 2

To achieve her home’s style of rustic sophistication, Sallie brought in several antique pieces: a trio of old-fashioned bird illustrations in gold-frames and a distressed corner hutch painted mossy green. Paired with a glamorous crystal chandelier and handmade farm table, courtesy of husband Andrew, the space is both refined and welcoming – perfect for hosting both lavish dinner parties and relaxed crafting sessions.

Sallie kept largely to a neutral palette, which adds to the room’s simple grandeur. However, layers of texture from the natural woods and woven rug lends depth to the design. Pops of color throughout, like the cool greens of her antique décor and warm red accents in the rug, keep the space from feeling monotonous. Overall, it’s a space we can imagine ourselves spending lots of time in, both surrounded by friends and family or quietly pursuing our passions, like Sallie.

A Nursery with Longevity

Preparing to welcome her first child into the world, mobile homemaker and budget decorator Ashley James needed a nursey that would transition and grow with her baby daughter. She also chose Meadow in taupe, but instead played into its sweeter, more jovial nature.

Meadow Nursery 1Meadow Nursery 2

A proponent of farmhouse interior design, Ashley opted for a feature wall to create a simple, cozy atmosphere. The remaining walls were painted a warm white for a bright and welcoming look. Sheer curtains keep the room feeling soft and feminine, while natural accents and greenery add color to this otherwise neutral room.

We love that Ashley brought the wallpaper to life by incorporating deer and bunny plush toys for her daughter! It’s the perfect space for a young girl to play and let her imagination run wild. Better yet, the room won’t feel babyish as her daughter grows, instead transitioning with her as she gets older.

An Unexpected Utility-Space Upgrade

After finishing a serious overhaul of her master bathroom, Chris aka Freckle Face Girl was fed up with the attached master closet. The space was chaotic and dated – so she decided it had to go.

Closet Meadow 1Closet Meadow 2

While functionality was the biggest concern, Chris carried the modern flair of her new master bathroom into the closet space. The bathroom renovation showcased clean lines and a high contrast, white-against-dark color scheme. Chris carried these elements into her closet redesign by using Meadow in charcoal. Not only did the selection continue the color scheme, but it also contrasted wonderfully with the white cabinetry she built into the closet.

With a small footprint, it pays to get creative with your styling. Since wall space was minimal, Chris decided to extend the wallpaper onto the ceiling for extra impact. Thanks to wallpaper’s simplistic design, this bold choice makes quite a statement without overwhelming the tight space. It’s a look that has us thinking of the missed opportunities in our own storage spaces…

Has inspiration struck? Having seen Meadow used in a variety of interior design applications, how would you style this wallpaper in your own home?

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