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How to Remove Wallpaper

How to Remove Strippable Wallpaper

Tools Needed

  • Bucket or tray for water
  • Paint roller
  • Paper knife or spatula


  1. Apply clean hot water onto the wall with a paint roller. Start to roll upwards to avoid excess water on the floor. Keep the surface soaking wet for 10-15 minutes (the longer the better for removal) by adding more water as the paper dries.
  2. Use a knife or a spatula to lift the top of the wallcovering across the full width to allow you to use both hands to slowly peel the wallpaper off the wall.
  3. If the wallcovering begins to peel off in peices, continue to peel the current layer off and then add more water to the backing for another 5-10 minutes. Then use the spatula to lift as wide part as you can and peel off.

How to Remove Peelable Wallpaper

Tools Needed

  • Wallpaper knife
  • Perforating tool or wallpaper scoring tool
  • Wallpaper removal solution
  • Solution sprayer such as a Spray bottle
  • Drop cloths


  1. Cover floors to protect from falling wallpaper debris
  2. If necessary, mix the removal solution with hot water in a spray bottle as recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. Perforate the surface of the wallpaper all over with a wallpaper scoring tool.
  4. Spray the wallpaper removal solution on and allow it to soak into the wallpaper for several minutes.
  5. Note: Don’t rush this process. Let the wallpaper removal solution do most of the work.
  6. Once the wallpaper is loosened, peel it away, being careful not to gouge the wall underneath.
  7. Some older wallpaper can cling so some patches may need to be soaked again with the removal solution to loosen the adhesive.
  8. Finally, spray any residual adhesive with the solution and sponge down the entire wall with clean, hot water to remove any remainging glue.