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Fall 2019 Color Report

Fall 2019 Color Report

From fashion to home decor, Fall is a period rich with trending hues, textures and patterns. Each year, the Pantone Color Institute takes to the runway to compile a report of what colors to expect to see in the upcoming cooler months.

Deep reds, earthy tones and vibrant hues sauntered down the catwalk this year and make up the majority of Pantone's Fall/Winter 2019 color trend report. This report is a great way to get inspiration for a wardrobe refresh or home makeover.


Rich Reds

Source: Pantone
Source: Abra Ogee Wallpaper

Although red is a classic Fall color, this year's Pantone palette incorporates shades of this vibrant hue that really pack a punch. With beautiful corals, maroons and crimsons, this collection of colors is red hot! Our Exhale Faux Grasscloth wallpaper embodies lively energy by balancing bold hues with touches of peach.

Exciting Earth Tones

Source: Pantone
Source: Twilight Geometric Wallpaper

These muted and earth-inspired shades embody the cozy energy of Fall. Pantone’s use of purple in this palette adds a modern and sophisticated touch to the other classic autumnal hues. The Twilight Purple geometric wallpaper embodies this delicate balance of modest and glam by featuring both metallic inks and a dusty lavender hue. 

Brilliant Blues

Source: Pantone
Source: Bargello Faux Grasscloth Wave Wallpaper

This vibrant color palette encourages you to play with complementary colors. Bright blues effortlessly pair with piercing yellows and rich browns for a completed look with an energetic spark. Our Bargello Faux Grasscloth wallpaper is a dimensional print perfect for pairing it with accent hues that truly pop. Depending on the accent color you choose, you can change the feel of a room in an instant!


Not So Boring Neutrals

Source: Pantone

Source: Allistair Medallion Wallpaper

These shades are a staple in any design project and the foundation for all the other seasonal color trends. This versatile palette can stand on their own or work as a contrast to other shades. Our Allistar Medallion wallpaper uses these on-trend yet neutral colors to create a bohemian space with an inviting energy.

What's your favorite Fall palette? Leave a comment below!

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