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How Wallpaper is Made: Screen Printing

How Wallpaper is Made: Screen Printing

When you browse A-Street Prints, you’ll find some of the most vibrant and artistic designer wallpapers on the market. But have you ever wondered how we make such gorgeous, colorful designs?

Our phenomenal in-house studio team can dream as big as they do because of our diverse printing processes. It is our screen printing capabilities, however, that bring their most color-packed visions to life!

To fully appreciate the screen printing process, we’re taking you on a behind-the-scenes tour! Better yet, this tour features the makings of our gorgeous Yanci Dragon wallpaper in all its glory!


Screen Printing: Behind-the-Scenes at our Wallpaper Factory

The screen printing process we utilize today is a mechanized version of the original, handwrought method. Instead of flat screens, the final wallpaper design is created with a series of fine mesh cylinders.

A cylinder is created for each layer of the overall pattern that needs a particular color. The details are cut out of the mesh, allowing the ink to pass through to the wallpaper substrate. A squeegee blade inside the cylinder presses the ink onto the paper, which then passes through an oven to dry.

Here you’ll see the first application of patterned color along a rich charcoal-black background.


This process is repeated for each layer of color the overall design requires. Our manufacturing set-up enables us to complete eight passes of color for a singular wallpaper design! Below you’ll see our Yanci design come to life as each new round of color is applied!

It is magical to see our Yanci design come to life as it passes through each new color station! This colorway makes the process even more magical, as each layer of color pops against the dark charcoal backdrop.


Enjoy our Yanci Dragon wallpaper in five stunning color options!


Advantages of Screen Printing

Screen printing allows us to create designs with beautifully opaque colors and crisp, distinct edges. The vibrancy and detail clarity are second to none. The technique also offers significant flexibility, as metallic and transparent inks can be utilized as well!

Here at A-Street, we partner with several different factories to create our wallpapers. The facility depends on the type of printing process required and the amount of product needed. However, our new partnership with York Wallcoverings comes with distinct and exciting advantages!

As the oldest and largest U.S. wallpaper manufacturer, York Wallcovering knows what it takes to create a stunning final product! From the fine craftsmanship that comes from hand-mixed (!!) inks and highly experienced artisan screen printers, to adopting sustainability initiatives like utilizing water-based inks and FSC certified substrates, York is both a heritage brand and industry pioneer.

York has also made significant investments in their production capabilities. Their screen printing presses are able to print 54” designs, allowing final 27” products to be created simultaneously – doubling production in half the time.


All this to say: when you buy an A-Street Prints wallpaper, you can be confident that every aspect – from concept to completion – has been lovingly and carefully considered. We are here to help you create a beautiful home, which means creating a quality product you can feel good about from start to finish.



Interested in more wallpaper behind-the-scenes and educational insights? Let us know in the comments below!

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