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Neutral Maximalism: The Best of Minimalist and Maximalist Design

Neutral Maximalism: The Best of Minimalist and Maximalist Design

Opposites attract. This piece of conventional wisdom is hit-or-miss as far as people are concerned, but dead-on when it comes to interior design.

In recent years, maximalism’s bold color and pattern-play have overtaken the neutral simplicity of minimalism. But as maximalism has grown in popularity, a new sub-style called neutral maximalism has started to emerge. Combining the best of both movements, this hybrid aesthetic offers a thrilling amount of design versatility.


What is Neutral Maximalism?

There are two ways to interpret and incorporate neutral maximalism into your home’s interior design.

The first is a very straightforward interpretation that reimagines maximalism’s bold patterns and layered styling in neutral hues. Think large-scale, statement wallpaper in warm terracotta or earthy sage, paired with warm wooden accents and furniture in solid fabrics. This approach retains maximalism’s personality-packed pattern-play, but in a more soothing and flexible palette.

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The other way to think about neutral maximalism is the pairing simple silhouettes with bold colors, used sparingly. This could be a statement furniture piece, like a rust-red sofa, paired with sleek accents and personal touches. It could be timeless, white furniture with a bold accent rug, the colors in the rug echoed in curated art pieces. Whatever pieces you play with, it’s crucial to counterbalance your statement color with plenty of negative space and streamlined shapes.


Regardless of which design direction you choose, the sky’s the limit with neutral maximalism! As you experiment with your perfect blend of color and pattern, be sure to add in plenty of textural accents for added depth.


For more design inspiration, check out this piece on bright and airy maximalist interiors, or these design tips for creating a colorful home. Be sure to follow A-Street Prints on Instagram and Pinterest as well for the latest evolutions of neutral maximalism and so much more!

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